Quote I Live By:

Quote I Live By: “Never frown, even when you’re sad, for you never know when someone is falling in love with your smile.”

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The most wonderful day and karma!

I have had the best day I have ever had in a while it seems. My date is tomorrow which I'm really excited for because its a formal dance. I finished my persuasive speech today, which everyone liked and said I did well in. I got over $100 back from my old textbooks. I accidentally turned in my hours late but they still accepted them and I got tons of homework done today!
        Oh and the best part was a little thing that happened at work today. You see I broke my foot about 3 months ago and guy above me at work was teasing me constantly about it. He would joke that I was faking it and I was just trying to get attention until one day I kinda snapped since he would do this every time he saw me. I believe he tried to have a conversation with me and I wasn't that pleasant. He told me I was being rude then I said yeah I guess I am. I then told him how him joking about it really bothered me, so he never said anything again until today.
       Today was different he came and showed me his foot (Ironically the same one I hurt) his foot was in a special boot. I almost laughed!He told me he broke two toes. So I jokingly said "ooh your faking it your faking it!" I then said it must me Karma. He then said yeah I guess it is and he also said how sorry he was for teasing me because he now knew how bad he would feel if someone said that to him because it was so painful. I then went on to tell him that breaking your foot is more pain full. I would know since I have also broken a toe and I can honestly say which one is worse. He also said I will never do anything like that again because you really don't know someones pain until you have felt it yourself. It's so true! But this also made me realize that there are probably other people in MY life that I have judged to quickly and that maybe I will never understand it. I should have jokingly said "be careful who you tease!" But I'm glad he learned a lesson and that he also helped me learn the same one too. Overall I was really grateful he apologized and also sorry for him since he broke two toes :(

well TTFN!