Quote I Live By:

Quote I Live By: “Never frown, even when you’re sad, for you never know when someone is falling in love with your smile.”

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Driving,Trafic, Freezers, Ice Cream, and Automatic Stuff in the Bathroom.

Yesterday night was great, I had quite a good amount of laughs, I had Ice cream and fries after a crappy day, when I got home I was greeted to a hilarious surprise when I opened the freezer here is what I saw.

I laughed so hard! the bowl had icecream in it and it had somehow frozen to the top of the freezer! I laughed because I had just had icecream!
        I thought today might be a better day, yet it wasn't. I was late to class, because of an accident on the freeway, it took 30 minutes longer than normal to get to the school because of the traffic. I amused myself by taking pictures of some of the crazy drivers that I could catch.

 The rest of my day wasn't so great either, but I kept laughing by one silly thought that's been going through my head. Why are all bathrooms different? I mean seriously! Whenever I go to the bathroom at home, I'm ok. Because I know that I have to turn the faucet and flush the toilet. but other places I find myself putting my hands underneath the paper towel dispenser and waiting and waiting for the water to turn on and waiting for the toilet to flush. Ok I know you think this is weird, but I spend precious time thinking I'm in a different bathroom than I really am. The walmart bathroom is all automatic, the one at work the paper towels are, the one at the movie theatre the water is, and the one at school only the toilets are. I get so confused between them all. I always wait for the wrong thing, I find myself waving my hands underneath the sink at work where the paper towels are automatic and I find myself waving my hands underneath the paper towels at church! They should really think about Blond-proof-ing the bathrooms in this world! Anyways, I hope that entertained you as much as it did me today!

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