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Quote I Live By: “Never frown, even when you’re sad, for you never know when someone is falling in love with your smile.”

Monday, November 28, 2011

Blond Moments

There are people out there that make fun of us blond's! I find the blond jokes entertaining, maybe some of my fellow blond gods and goddesses don't think so, but I believe that if you can't laugh at yourself from time to time, you are going to be very depressed. I'm going to share a couple of my most hilarious blond moments so that if you can't laugh at yourself, you can at least laugh at me for a few minutes!
This last month, I've had so many blond moment related injuries I had to take a few minutes to remember them all and you know, I'm pretty sure I forgot a few..... Here is what my little list looked like:

1. Sidewalk
2. Shampoo/Conditioner
3. Apples
4. The white door
5. The fan
6. The way too long text conversation...
7. The crackhead

Yeah definitely forgetting a few especially since #6 is from the summer...

OK let me explain all of these!

1. Sidewalk (not exactly a blond moment, but definitely a clumsy one)

Two weeks ago I was on my way to class, I wasn't in a hurry, but I did have to be in class by 10:30, it was 10:20. As I was crossing the mini courtyard area, I came across an irregularity in the sidewalk, where two pieces joined one area was higher than the other before it. Of course I trip on it, I started to fall and almost righted myself, when my ankle just gave out! I ended up scraping my foot up and badly bruising my knee. About 15 people saw it, so it was really embarrassing. I ended up going into mild shock, scaring people around me that had stopped to help. My ankle is fine now, but I did end up being 20 minutes late to my class.

2. Shampoo/Conditioner

About three weeks ago I finally got tired of all the half empty and almost empty shampoo and conditioner bottles I had. They would get this way because I change up the brands a lot. I decided that it would be worth my time to decrease the amount I had by putting them together. I was at the point where I had one more set to combine, when I was almost finished, I put the bottle down so that the remaining conditioner could go to the bottom when I realized the conditioner I had been mixing with another conditioner was actually shampoo, a creamy shampoo that resembled conditioner, but it was shampoo nonetheless. I ended up with a bottle of half conditioner and half shampoo, and let me tell you, it is not the same as a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. It was all lumpy and gross by the end of the week...

3. Apples

You've eaten apple pie right? Well think about what it tastes like and what the sliced apples usually look like, the crust and topping. Do you have it in your head? Good. Now think about the apple slices, is the skin still on the slices? No? Good, because the skin is supposed to be peeled off before sliced, otherwise you've messed up just like I did when I made Dutch Apple pie this Thanksgiving. Yeah I forgot to peel the apples, was still a good pie though....

4. The White Door

I think we've established that I'm clumsy, but I guess I like to humiliate myself to the extreme, or I like making people laugh because I'm going to tell you this story as well. Once when I was getting out of my sister's car, the car door was not opened all the way, so it could close at anytime. So when I got out and bumped the door just so, it closed really hard on my shoulder. I think I scared some neighbors with my loud scream. I ended up with a bruise on my shoulder for 2 weeks!

5. The Fan

I frequently run into the light fixture on my ceiling fan. You would think I would be able to prevent this now since it happens all the time, but I consistently forget. The thing is my fan broke a couple of months ago so it's hanging at least a foot lower than it should, so when I wear heels I always whack my head on a light bulb.... Not very safe.

6. The Way Too Long Text Conversation

Over the summer, I worked as a lifeguard and met a lot of new people. I had a bit of a crush on a guy and we got along ok, I thought he might like me a bit especially after we exchanged phone numbers. So I was excited when a couple of weeks later I texted him and he asks me out. I say sure and we keep talking for a while when he asks me "did you move?" I thought this was a weird question, since he never knew where I lived in the first place. when I tell him no he then asks, "wait are you still going to school at (insert random High school here)" I thought he was graduated already so I was definitely confused and told him that no I didn't and never did, also that I was in college. He took a long time to text back and said "oh, who is this again?" I proceeded to tell him who I was. I came to find out that he thought he was talking to someone completely different, apparently my name is very similar to a friend of his. Needless to say we didn't go out, and the next time I saw him at work was very awkward!

7. The Crackhead

This story is particularly funny because I basically was a really good example of why sleep is important. The week that this happened, I had been getting on average 2-4 hours of sleep. I believe this was D-day #5. I was at work here at school and it was close to closing time, so it was only me and 3 other people. I went up to the front desk to my co-worker and started whispering all creepily basically speaking nonsense, the whole time the guy I work with is looking at me weird, but I didn't care I was majorly sleep deprived! I then finished off the conversation laughing and giggling randomly and uncontrollably. I could not stop laughing! I think I laughed for 45 minutes straight as all of the people I work with are looking at me. That night I think I got a lot of sleep.

Ok, so if you didn't stop reading after #1 I hope this made you laugh as much as they made me laugh about them later. Remember that if nothing is going right then give someone a smile, and laugh every chance you get, it'll make your day better!

TTFN Till next time