Quote I Live By:

Quote I Live By: “Never frown, even when you’re sad, for you never know when someone is falling in love with your smile.”

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dreams and weird experiences

                      Ok I think I officially have the weirdest dreams out of my family and friends. Like last night I had a dream that I was stealing money from my mom and it had gotten to the point where I didn't know how much I owed her. One day (this is all in my dream btw) my mom caught me. For some reason when she emptied my wallet there was hundreds of dollars in it, supposedly this was how much money I had taken, but when I looked at it it was a bunch of Arabian money! Don't ask me how I know what Arabian money looks like but for some reason I do. This dream makes little sense to me, yet I also have even weirder dreams so it shouldn't surprise me. Like one night I had a dream that had to do with the power rangers, skunks, a space ship and monsters. I can't remember much else but I do remember it was creepy weird. Occasionally I'll have dreams that make sense and are normal, where I'm solving sudoku puzzles or playing bejeweled. Well I guess those aren't exactly normal! I wish I had dreams like that in regards to my homework that way I could just wake up and know exactly how to write my paper. Unfortunately I am stuck with bejeweled and sudoku.

     Random funny story of the day:

      A while ago I had to make a quick run to the store to get some dog food. Since we had four dogs at the time I needed a big bag. So after I get the 40lb bag in to the cart I start to head out of the aisle and there is this huge big muscled guy who looks at me then whats in my cart, then he makes a weird expression and slowly looks back at me as though me and the dog food don't make sense together. That's probably because I am skinny girly girl who doesn't look like she can lift that much. The funny part was when he seemed to figure it out that yeah I did lift that huge bag of dog food. I triumphantly said: "Yeah! Lets see you lift that!" I have no idea why I said it but he laughed.


Monday, November 22, 2010


    I have a new found dislike for staplers. First of all they never have staples in them when you need them. They are always breaking down and in need of a DE-jamming and lastly they never staple right! Sure for the most part they usually work, but doesn't it seem as though they don't work right when you need them the most? I think everyone who has had a teacher with perfectionism has had a problem of stapling your paper wrong and it leaves a nasty mark on your paper. Of course knowing your teacher you wont be able to turn that in, so you dutifully print out another one and test the stapler on different sheet of paper before ruining another paper.
     Maybe this example is a little extreme but a couple of weeks ago I was asked to put up a border on the display board next to the classroom I have been volunteering in. I didn't think this would take very long, but of course it took almost 40 minutes. I kept having the problem of once I pushed in the stapler it would slide to the right and make a nasty mark and not even put the staple in. Of course some of them went in ok, but the rest was a wreck. (So what, I may be exaggerating, but it really wasn't pretty.) I think I went through a whole row of staples before the teachers Aid came and said "Oh there's a trick to it, you have to punch it in with your palm." Great I think this would have been great to know 20 minutes ago. Once I finally got the border up I had to clean many ruined staples off the floor. I fully understand now why the teacher didn't want to do it herself.
      Anyways I will stop complaining about staples at the moment. I haven't blogged in a while do to the fact that I have been so busy with home work. Actually I should be doing that right now. I have 2 papers, a lesson, a speech, and two power points to do. They all have to be done sometime this week. If only I could do my homework in my sleep that way I wouldn't remember the time I spent on them! I guess that's kind of the point though.

                 TTFN off to do homework wish me luck that I may not drive myself to insanity!