Quote I Live By:

Quote I Live By: “Never frown, even when you’re sad, for you never know when someone is falling in love with your smile.”

Thursday, May 5, 2011


There are some points in your life when you just have the most amazing ideas, and they come at the weirdest times, for me it seems as though they come at 3am almost always. I'm partially considering waking up at 3am just for creative genius moments. But I think that if I tried that, all I would achive would be going to bed late. One of these times I woke up around 2am for some reason! I couldn't go back to sleep! I ended up cuting my own hair, and it looked amazing! When I told everyone that I had done it myself, they were surprised. But I think I have outdone myself this time, at around 3am a month or so ago, I had the most amazing idea for a movie. I ended up writing a couple of pages for a book. My idea was to have a modern tale of Sleeping beauty. I don't think anyoone has done that yet. So I think once you read the first part of the book, you will agree that most of my best ideas come at 3 in the morning. I wonder why that is though.

**Warning: May contain grammatical errors and not very well thought out sentences as well as plot structure. It's a a rough draft.**


I knew I was in trouble and that my life would be changed forever at the exact moment I pressed my lips against hers.  I guess if one is to kiss a girl while she is asleep and unaware of the situation that you're asking for it. But this wasn't just some random chick I met at a party; this was an entirely different situation. I guess I must admit that I didn't have good intentions at all when I kissed her, but I had no idea what kind of choice I was making and how it would alter my life forever. There was just the teensy problem that I had already decided to break her heart. I would never have guessed that I would fall in love.

The first time I saw her she was sleeping, she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, she had hair, that I would bet millions was made of silk, and her dress was nothing like those silly tacky and poufy dresses you see in the movies. But it was the color of the clear waters of the Caribbean and draped across her like something an angel would wear. It’s fabric looked as delicate as a butterflies wings, I found it felt like water flowing through my fingers. The woman looked extremely out of place in her dark and abysmal surroundings, but she made the room shine with a brilliance I couldn’t describe even if I knew the dictionary by heart. But when I kissed her I saw the most beautiful thing about her. Her eyes. They were the color of caramel and golden outer edges with a hint of green you could only see up close. They were the eyes of an innocent angel or adorable eyes of a lovable puppy that you want to give your entire heart to. As soon as I had this thought, I immediately banished it from my mind. I was not meant to feel this way; I couldn't let my guard down and be sucked into those heavenly eyes! I had a mission and I could not let these girls’ eyes distract me. I was awakened from my internal struggle when she touched her perfect soft lips in awe and smiled the most beautiful smile, at that moment I knew this was not going to end well.  The whole thing started 400 years ago.



                 I couldn’t wait for later today! My 18th birthday ball was today! And it was rumored that Prince Peter was coming to propose. I actually wasn't that excited, since everyone knew his sister was crazy, his family thought it was a secret, but nothing could be kept secret from my sister. A lot of people, including me did not enjoy my sisters presence but she was my younger sister what could I do! I tried convincing my parents that she hated me, maybe they believed me but they weren't admitting it.
I was kind of nervous for tonight, because not only was the prince coming but so was his sister. Not only that but my sister and his sister hated each other with a passion. I am not sure what happened to make it that way, I didn’t usually pay attention to her unless I had to, and so she may have told me once. I was dreading seeing the prince but he was cute and obviously had the biggest crush on me, who was I to deny a handsome mans attention? He wasn't cute enough to deal with his crazy sister however.  What was awful about them together was that they were twins and very close, so I knew if I were to actually marry him it would be my prison sentence. I was pretty sure I had a good way to get rid of him. I was going to embarrass him big time so he would never be able to become part of royalty, and I was going to make sure it would happen in front of everyone, I doubted I would get caught. I never was, and even if I was suspected no one dared blame me. I was the kings’ daughter after all, I got everything I wanted and I was definitely never denied something I wanted. I worried for a second about it though, what if I were to get caught? It may have serious consequences. In the end I didn’t worry too much about it.

Chapter 2 The Dance
                I have always known that everyone loved me, except those people that were jealous, I couldn't help it if I was beautiful, no one can. It also wasn't my fault no one as happy with their own appearance. So when everything went so wrong at my own birthday I was genuinely surprised as to what happened.  I remember when I mentioned the prince and how I wanted to embarrass him at the dance so he could never show his face, and never marry me; well that's when everything went wrong. I thought I had found the perfect plan, I decided to slip a poison ivy in his new suit before the dance, the whole time I could tell he was trying to be discrete but he really wasn't.
When he arrived at the dance he was perfectly fine, so I guess the poison Ivy took a while to take affect. He was in the middle of a dance with (someone prestigious here) when you could see it on his face. He scrunched up his nose and tightened his eyes in a grimace; it got so bad he finally scratched while he put her through a spin. All those looking at him noticed his odd behavior. He danced with a couple more maidens who all ended up looking appalled and disturbed afterwards. No one dared say no, since he was a prince. At every twirl he would use his other hand to scratch. It finally got to the point where he couldn’t handle it anymore; it got so bad that he ended up needing to borrow my fathers’ trousers. I guess he was more determined to ask me to marry him than I thought.
My father is a pretty large man the trousers he borrowed were very large on him and very loose. So when he changed he was not only itching still, but also constantly pulling up his pants. It was the most hilarious thing I had ever witnessed! It was like he was dancing a complicated routine that involved a lot of complicated hand movements, twirls and twitching!
Even after all of this, I think the moment that really did me in was when he asked me to dance. Since I was the kings’ daughter, naturally everyone was watching so they all witnessed my demise, and his. He seemed so engaged in my face that multiple times he would be off the beat, so it came as no surprise that he didn’t notice what happened after he twirled me to make another itch. After the twirl I heard people whispering saw children pointing at his feet. I looked down and realized that here was another instance that proved how infatuated he actually was, at his feet where his pants, or rather, my fathers pants. My eyes drifted upwards to what people were starring at; he was wearing the most hideous underwear of purple silk, with my name embroidered on then in large white letters and large red welts were all around his legs, which made him look like he had walked into a wasps nest.
I couldn't control my laughter! They were loud unattractive laughs mingled with giggles with a tint of disgust beneath the surface. It looked that awful. This had to be the most embarrassing moment I had ever witnessed. I had not imagined it could have played out this way, but it was perfect! This had developed better than I could have ever thought. I was amused, but also a little disgusted that he had my name on his underwear. It made me wonder if he was some kind of pervert.  I don't know what made me say what I did next, but I ended up saying it. As I took all of this in, he seemed to realize what had happened his face turned a deep crimson and I said a little too loudly and with a smile on my face, "Oh they'll never let you marry me now! I had no idea you held me so closely!" Then to my dismay I also said; “I had no idea that poison ivy looked that bad!” (lets just call the prince Julian right now and his sister Elaina and my sister Elizabeth)
 This may have been the thing that clued everyone in to the fact that I was to blame for the current situation. But I didn’t get a chance to say much else or explain myself, because as I heard the gasps and whispers after my statement, I heard another thing, a loud piercing scream that chilled me to the core. This voice belonged to the Elaina, Julian’s twin sister.  She was charging through the crowd in my direction with a furious expression on her face. My sister Elizabeth gave a giggle if delight and Elaina’s glare was momentarily directed towards her. I guess my sister hated me more than I thought because she seemed so delighted that someone could be so mad at me. Elaina was not distracted from me for long. She looked back at me after giving my sister, as what could only be described as a ‘I will get you later’ look. Elaina was not what you would call ugly, but she was definitely no beauty. She had beautiful features, that may have shone more if she didn’t wear a permanently dissatisfied expression.

"You spoiled brat!" she yelled. As she said this she looked like she was going to hurt me. 
"You are the most selfish arrogant self observed girl I have ever met! You just had to do it didn't you! Your life wasn’t good enough for you, you just had to try to ruin someone else’s life!"
I personally didn't see what was wrong with me, sure what I did was wrong, but everyone had a good laugh didn't they? And it had been necessary! I just couldn't spend my life with this person! I went on to explain this, but half way through she cut me off to screech;
 " You only think of yourself don't you? Have you ever done something nice for someone? Have you ever thought of someone other than yourself?"
I didn't exactly agree but what was wrong with liking yourself was there? I had done nice things for other people many times, but sometimes the princess came first.
 “I am important!” I managed to squeak out. “I am the princess after all, so sometimes I come first." I didn't think it was possible but she seemed to get more mad.
" That's it!" she shrilled “ I am done putting up with this any longer. You have tormented my brother long enough.”
“Tormented?” I managed before she cut me off again.
“Do you have any idea how much he cares for you?" She didn't stop for me to answer, “of course you don't! You don't pay attention to anyone but yourself!"
“That is not true!”
“Yes it is! You are selfish and self centered, and you humiliated my brother for your own personal gain! Do you know how many people actually like you?"
 She paused seemingly waiting for an answer but I was too shocked. I knew that everyone liked me there was no question, but after her episode I was starting to wonder.
“You know, I don't think you do I think you believe that everyone loves you! Well let me tell you something. You have break peoples hearts with no hesitation and you don’t love anyone but yourself!" She paused to look around as to confirm her answer; I was surprised when I heard my own sister’s voice. She said in a gleeful tone;
" Ooh! I was hoping this would happen one day! Sister, you are awful, you deserve to never be loved! I bet that even if you had all the time in the world you would never be loved or love another human being!"
                " See!” Said the Elaina. “You are just as I said! It is time you are taught the lesson you deserve. I quite like the thought your sister had!”
I was starting to get really worried at this point, so I just stared as she declared in a sure and clear voice; “So I have made my decision. You will have one week to find someone who loves you and that you love back. If you fail, you will fall into a deep sleep and will only awaken every 50 years at a man's kiss. You will have another weeks time to find a man that you put before yourself! If you don't you will go back to sleep another 50 years! "
She paused to take a breath to say in the most quite tone yet, “But be warned if you do not find a man that returns your selfless love and seals it with true loves kiss buy the time four hundred years comes by, you will die a painful death that will allow you to feel all of the hurt you have ever inflicted on others!" 
 She then waved her hand, and stalked out if the ballroom. I looked around and saw my sisters happy face, my parents shocked expressions and Julian’s sad and embarrassed face I didn’t know what to do, everyone was starring at me. It was as if someone had paralyzed us all temporarily. I started to think about what was said and then I started to feel light headed my eyes started to go dark and then everything went black.

I woke 5 days later to a strange old lady that I did not know, she was saying something strange, it had something to do with Elizabeth! She was going to have to stay with me for 400 years! This didn't make sense! Unless, my mind went back to what I last remembered, none of it could be true! "Oh no! Oh no oh no!" My dream! It had to be real! Otherwise my current situation didn’t make sense.  I didn't realize that I had cried out until my father was asking me what was wrong.  He went on to explain that they had searched high and low for a man for me to marry, but no one had wanted to. I was shocked! No one wanted me? That had never happened.  He went on to say that they had to face the facts, that I would be asleep again for 50 years since I was in no state to move around.
They had even talked to Julian, but it had been impossible to locate him. He had fled the country soon after his sister’s curse had been cast.  They told me that if I were to live through this, some arrangements had been made that I may not like. That was when I realized my sister, sobbing in the corner.  She looked like she had been crying for hours. I then learned who the old lady was; she was the Julian’s grandmother! She had had pity on me, and thought I should be given a little help. I guess that Elaina had never been crazy, but an actual witch. It turned out that the women in the Julian’s family were witches on Julian’s fathers side. His sister had overreacted but nothing could be done. They decided that my sister was to be punished by staying in the same to be my guard while I slept for hundreds of years until I was awake for good, she would die right with me if I never found a man. My parents had come to the conclusion that is was part of my sisters fault that I had gotten this exact curse, since she had partly suggested it.
The next 2 days were a blur, people were constantly running around to make sure I would be protected, there was literally a 400 year plan made for me, with contracts written in and lists of things that I must have, I even had a budget. I spent those days in a haze. I was still hoping that when the seventh say came I wouldn’t fall asleep for 50 years, I tried really hard that night not to go to sleep, but at the stroke of midnight I fell asleep and t he next time I woke up it was 50 years later.
I know it may not be the smartest to post this on the internet, but no one knows the plan or the ending, and I'm pretty sure that if someone were to steal my idea and sell it and make money off it, that I could show this and numerous emails to prove it was my idea. Besides I'm pretty sure no one but my friends really read this anyways! I hope all who read this love it!

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