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Quote I Live By: “Never frown, even when you’re sad, for you never know when someone is falling in love with your smile.”

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bandaid Bob Spy Adventures

My friend was having another bad day so I made another Bandaid Bob story.
After the skunk incident, Louis the Lab and Bandaid Bob had become great friends. So it came as no surprise to Bob that when one day Louis the Lab asked if he could talk to him. Bandaid bob saw no reason why not, so Louis the lab brought him to a safe location and said “I am a spy for the dogs of the USA and I need your help.” He went on to explain that there was a threat that had been made to the president of the dogs, but they were not exactly sure who had made it. They were sure however that a dog spy would only set back their mission, because they suspected that Cranky the Cat was involved. A dog spy would give away the mission. Cranky the Cat was a master villain who was on his 9th life they figured if they got him now they would never have a problem with him again, for they had been searching for this cat for years. Cranky the Cat had been a threat to the dogs for many years, now was their chance to get rid of him once and for all. Cranky the Cat was the only person known that was old enough who could know the location of a powerful weapon.  The weapon was a very powerful dog whistle that could kill any dog within a 100 foot radius from one blow.
                    Bandaid bob plan was to host a party with fake dogs and invite Cranky the Cat, he had some very powerful catnip that if given to an old enough cat could kill it in large doses. He figured that if so many dogs were in one place at the same time he couldn’t resist bringing the whistle. The day of the party came and Cranky the Cat must have figured out Bandaid Bob’s plan because when the party started there were real dogs there instead of the robots! Cranky the Cat had the whistle around his neck. Bandaid Bob was horrified “How did this happen?” he asked over and over. There was nothing he could do as Cranky the cat brought the whistle to his lips. “Oh no” he thought, “all of my friends what have I done?!” Cranky the Cat blew the whistle and Bandaid Bob closed his eyes. He waited and waited for something to happen, of course he couldn’t hear the whistle, but the party was still going on. Finally Bandaid Bob opened up his eyes and there was Cranky the Cat was frantically blowing on the whistle but nothing was happening, it was as if no one had heard it, even the dogs. Bandaid Bob was as confused as Cranky the cat until he looked down at his bandaid that Julia had given to him that he always kept on him for good luck. The bandaid was glowing!  For some reason the good and love that went into that bandaid had over powered the effect of that whistle of evil. Since Cranky the Cat was still blowing on that whistle, Bandaid Bob notified the dog officials and arrested Cranky the cat. Cranky the Cat lived the rest of his 9th life in prison, and Bandaid bob was awarded an award of honor.

Yay Bandaid Bob...Till something funny happens

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