Quote I Live By:

Quote I Live By: “Never frown, even when you’re sad, for you never know when someone is falling in love with your smile.”

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Casts and Facebook

Something I have noticed from having to wear a brace when I hurt my foot. All the sudden people are 100 times more helpful and sensitive to your feelings. It's like a label of some sort that lets people think they need to be nicer than they normally are. I wonder are people normally this nice or is it because it's much more obvious that they should be. When I hurt my foot people were very helpful, but where was that when I was feeling down or sad? A cast or a brace is almost like a sign that is posted on our forehead saying "I'm hurt help me." Wouldn't that be great if we had some sort of label we could wear you know to let people know hey I'm feeling depressed today or I've had a bad day. But then I thought we do have that it's just not as obvious! It's called Facebook. Unfortunately I am one of those people that does not want to gain unnecessary attention. I guess I just expect you to read my mind! Well in case you were wondering I'm in a great mood this morning!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bandaid Bob Spy Adventures

My friend was having another bad day so I made another Bandaid Bob story.
After the skunk incident, Louis the Lab and Bandaid Bob had become great friends. So it came as no surprise to Bob that when one day Louis the Lab asked if he could talk to him. Bandaid bob saw no reason why not, so Louis the lab brought him to a safe location and said “I am a spy for the dogs of the USA and I need your help.” He went on to explain that there was a threat that had been made to the president of the dogs, but they were not exactly sure who had made it. They were sure however that a dog spy would only set back their mission, because they suspected that Cranky the Cat was involved. A dog spy would give away the mission. Cranky the Cat was a master villain who was on his 9th life they figured if they got him now they would never have a problem with him again, for they had been searching for this cat for years. Cranky the Cat had been a threat to the dogs for many years, now was their chance to get rid of him once and for all. Cranky the Cat was the only person known that was old enough who could know the location of a powerful weapon.  The weapon was a very powerful dog whistle that could kill any dog within a 100 foot radius from one blow.
                    Bandaid bob plan was to host a party with fake dogs and invite Cranky the Cat, he had some very powerful catnip that if given to an old enough cat could kill it in large doses. He figured that if so many dogs were in one place at the same time he couldn’t resist bringing the whistle. The day of the party came and Cranky the Cat must have figured out Bandaid Bob’s plan because when the party started there were real dogs there instead of the robots! Cranky the Cat had the whistle around his neck. Bandaid Bob was horrified “How did this happen?” he asked over and over. There was nothing he could do as Cranky the cat brought the whistle to his lips. “Oh no” he thought, “all of my friends what have I done?!” Cranky the Cat blew the whistle and Bandaid Bob closed his eyes. He waited and waited for something to happen, of course he couldn’t hear the whistle, but the party was still going on. Finally Bandaid Bob opened up his eyes and there was Cranky the Cat was frantically blowing on the whistle but nothing was happening, it was as if no one had heard it, even the dogs. Bandaid Bob was as confused as Cranky the cat until he looked down at his bandaid that Julia had given to him that he always kept on him for good luck. The bandaid was glowing!  For some reason the good and love that went into that bandaid had over powered the effect of that whistle of evil. Since Cranky the Cat was still blowing on that whistle, Bandaid Bob notified the dog officials and arrested Cranky the cat. Cranky the Cat lived the rest of his 9th life in prison, and Bandaid bob was awarded an award of honor.

Yay Bandaid Bob...Till something funny happens

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chickens and bandaid bob

I feel like a chicken with its head cut off! I am so busy its getting ridiculous! I’m trying to balance work and homework at the moment but it's just not working. I have a lot to do and I just don’t have time for it all. It probably doesn't help that I'm posting these things while no one reads them. Well I am going to tell you the two new Bandaid bob stories I told my friend this weekend.

The Skunk Incident.

One day Julia and Bandaid bob were playing in the park. They were having a great time until out of no where this huge lab comes and takes Bandaid bob away from Julia. Now Bandaid bob was really scared at first, but once the lab let him climb on his back he started to have fun! The lab took him through this really beautiful path into the forest next to the park to this secret place with a great big tree with a tree house and a tire swing. They tried to swing but they soon realized that labs cannot swing on swings. So instead they decided to make a fort. Now by this time Julia had started to get worried because it had been over an hour since Bandaid bob had disappeared. After asking some people for some help she starts heading out to the secret place. When Julia finds the secret place she is surprised to not only see the lab and Bandaid bob there but a big blue skunk and she had gotten there right in time to get sprayed just as Bandaid bob and Louis the lab.

That day all of the grocery stores were happy because all of their tomato juice was sold out by the end of the day. In the end everyone won because Julia and Bandaid bob had a great day!

I will post the next story later when work is not as busy

Till something funny happens :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bandaid bob

So a good friend of mine crushed his finger in a rebar crusher..... Sad day I know since he is amazing on the piano and he will have to loose some of the tip of his finger. He was feeling down about it one day and needed some cheering up. So I nicknamed his finger bandaid bob and made up a little story that I hoped would make him laugh....
     Oh so you want to hear the story right? Ok will do!

     One day Bandaid bob went to the store as he got his shopping cart he found to his dismay that he was too small to push it around so he fell down in despair because he really wanted a teddy bear and if he could not push around the cart he had no idea how he would carry it. He thought well I'll have to find a teddy bear my size. Determined to find one he looked and looked but he had no luck. Suddenly he slipped! At this point he had no desire to get back up again so he stayed on the ground crying until a little girl named Julia picked him up and gave him a wonderful hug. This was such a good hug that it made Band-Aid bob feel so much better, but what made it even more special was when Julia said "I will take you home and make you a teddy bear your size" for you see Julia knew how much he had been searching for one. So after they left the store, Julia took him to the Dr. for his fall, but it was nothing serious, but he got the most beautiful Band-Aid. Then after the Dr. Julia gave him his new teddy bear with the same awesome Bandaid! This is how Bandaid bob was named Bandaid bob. And so they lived happily ever after!

          My friend thought it was funny given the situation because bandaid bob is his finger :) Hopefully he wasn't saying he liked it just to be nice. Either way it doesnt matter because I came up with it in only 5 minutes and it was mainly made for laughs.

Have a nice day everyone and don't forget to smile today!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


      Something I have noticed about myslef is that I constantly have to make sure I don't use too many "lols" in my text messages. I don't know why but when I go to send one I find that  I have used lol about 3 times and I also realize I deffinitely did not laugh this many times in this text.

       I was texting a guy I like last night actually two guys I like and I used lol way too much. But thats not what I'm worried about, I'm worried that I still like the guy that I know likes someone else. Ever since I found out he liked another girl I know I have backed off, but now I text him more than ever because he told me about liking her. Since we talk more it has felt as though we have been flirting but I know he doesnt like me so its very confusing because Im trying not to have feelings for him. I did have a little fantasy about him starting to like me because I started to help him ask the girl out.... well I'm going to try to stop talking about him. :)   But we did talk about me not having much luck with guys and he said he would try to find someone to set me up with!

     Ok this is weird I'm in the computer lab sitting right across from this jerk I know we went out on a couple of dates and we were supposed to go out one day almost 3 years ago but she never showed up and never talked to me again for two years. Then out of the blue he finds me on facebook and tries to talk to me again! Then asks why I don't want to talk to him and asked well can't you just forgive me? I said that I did but that didn't mean I had to talk to him anymore.  And right now he is completely ignoring me which I don't actually mind but its still rude. Shheesh I'm not being positive today at all, usually I am ina  happy bubbly mood. I will post again when Im in a better mood.

Till something funny happens at all..

Monday, October 11, 2010

Blonde moments and crazy labels

Over the weekend there were several things that I found funny. First of all in the office at home I found an official looking piece of paper that said in reasonable size print "this side is left blank" I thought it was ironic because obviously if it says on the paper that its blank that its obviously not blank! I dont think it would have been much trouble just to leave it blank, however I do realize why it would have to say that if it was an official document I just find it funny either way.

      The second thing I find funny is that most bottles and cans of soda say no refils on them. I got to thinking and asked myself who in their right mind thinks that you can refill a soda bottle!? I mean obviously its not Mccdonalds or anything you dont get to refill it on your way out of the store. I wonder who has ever asked for a refill and if thats why they had to put that there. Or maybe they think that we're too stupid? Or maybe its some kind of precaution who knows.

       A long time ago when my mom got a new sewing machine the set up instructions started like this: 1. Plug in machine to nearest outlet. 2. Turn on the on button.
Ok really? who needs those kind of instructions!?

     I guess I do because once I thought my lamp light  had been burnt out then three months later I go to plug the new one in to find that the first one had simply came unplugged!

Over the weekend I tried to use my room key to open the car, the car key to open the house and then my house key to open my room. Either way I didn't use the right key. And finally the most ridiculous staement and blonde moment ever I said " let me see I can't hear!" It was one of those moments where it makes sense but if you hear me say it it doesnt.

So there are my weekend thoughts and blonde moments!


Friday, October 8, 2010

push pull doors

There are these doors right outside of my class that I usually go in and out of several times a day and you would think I would get used to it by now, to go in I think its push and to go out it must be pull. But I always end up pushing when I'm supposed to pull or pulling when Im suposed to be pushing. well today I did it wrong 3 times. Maybe this is because I just forget things really quickly or maybe its because I am so busy and tired that maybe I just need to slow down a little. It's kind of hard though when I spent two hours on home work it was only one work assignment and when I went to that class today I was told it wasn't due till monday! I was annoyed because I could have been doing other homework but relieved because I had it done already. Now I just need to research for a speech and completely have it ready with a power point and write a lesson plan with another power point and for another class make another power point for a group project. Sheesh! At least all of these things are not due for a while except for the speech that needs to be done ASAP.... Anyways I need to do homework!

Oh and I wont be blogging this weekend so suprise me with some comments! Or recomend it to your friends! Some friends are having game nights and you know what that means! There will be guys there so I'll let ya know :)

Till something else funny happens :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Ok I have been rejected twice today by guys I didn't even like! I know that seems hard to do but it happened and I’m kinda annoyed by the text and email I got today.
First guy S asked me out a week or two ago by saying “What are you doing this weekend because a friend of mine is going to have a party would you come with me?" I responded by saying that I was really busy which I was because my brother had a birthday party, and then he said "Well when are you free because we still haven’t decided when to do it?" I responded by saying that I really didn’t know but that he should find me on face book and let me know. I said this because some of my friends had had some bad experiences with him and I didn't want to give him my cell number. I never heard from him until today when I got this email:

Dear girl in yellow dress,

Not to be mean, but you shouldn't lie about me asking you out.
1) I never asked you out.
2) I will never ask you out..
3) If I liked you, then you'd know.

Sorry; I felt that because numerous people came to me and told me the same thing, my response was necessary.

Have a good day. :)

PS: Don't reply. It's only a waste of time to initiate a constant battle of illogical babble.

Despite him saying he wasn’t meaning to be rude it sure felt like he was trying to be rude. I could not believe that he would call me a liar! I mean really I just don't lie!

Well whatever it’s not like I ever had feelings for him anyways I just hope he works out whatever’s bothering him.

And the second guy which I had an initial attraction to but once I got to know him only saw him as a good friend texted me today in a very nice text that he had a girlfriend and he wasn't interested, which is fine and I completely understand because sometimes I can be a terrible accidental-without-realizing-it flirt, but the part that annoys me is the fact that when I looked at his face book page it said he was single and it annoys me that either a) he lied and said he had a girlfriend. Or b) has a girlfriend but is lying on face book.

I guess I’m not mad at him it's just funny how this happened on the exact same day and makes me wonder if I’m doing something wrong because it’s a problem I think that a lot of us girls have we attract the guys that we have no interest in. I think it’s because we get so excited about a new guy that we scare them off with our attention. So my new motto is stop annoying boys!

I bought a great book!

I just got a new book I've been wanting to read it was the third book in the L.A. Candy series from Lauren Comrad. It was a great book of which I read in a day and a half. It was great because towards the end you think you know how its going to work out but you were completely wrong. There were sometimes that if you didnt pay enough attention to who spoke first you would have a hard time following, but anyway that is not what I want to talk about. I pre-ordered this book online like 2 months ago and after I got it in the mail I get this email saying:

Greetings from Amazon.com.

You saved $1.80 with Amazon.com's Pre-order Price Guarantee!

The price of the item(s) decreased after you ordered them, and we gave you the lowest price.

The following title(s) decreased in price:

Sugar and Spice: An L.A. Candy Novel
              Price on order date: $10.79
        Price charged at shipping: $9.71
Lowest price before release date: $8.99
            Amount to be refunded: $0.72
                        Quantity: 1
                    Total Savings: $1.80         

which I find good because Im getting a refund but the thing is 72 cents? I mean it almost makes the refund pointless I just find it hysterical for some reason I guess because it's not really much of a difference. But immagine I had preordered a TV or something what would the refund be then with the same percentage rate.
So I did a little math. If I bought a TV for 2,000$ and it was reduced by the same percent I would get refunded an ammount of $148.30 that is if I am calculating from what I was charged at the begining which was $9.71. After I do that I realize that maybe 72 cents is comparitively a better deal :)


Some random thoughts

Some questions I have been wondering about lately:
   1: What happens if you send a text to 911? I mean I wonder if you could text them in an emergency? What happens if your being kidnapped but you dont want to be screaming on the phone for help? Wouldn't you want to be quiet about it?
   2: What is the longest anyone has ever gone sitting down and doing nothing but looking at the clock? I have tried before for just one minute and I felt like I was going crazy! I felt like it was a waste of a minute but who knows maybe someone does that for fun!
   3: Has anyone other than me ever wanted to try on a bunch of different wigs just to see what kind of hairstyle or hair color they like best on themselves? It would be great because there is no commitment with a wig! Of course to get a good idea they have to be good wigs.
   4: Why dont they make cameras with the ability to take good pictures of the moon fireworks and lightning cheaper for us that just want an awesome picture that WE took?
Well maybe one day when I feel like I really want to know more I will search a little on google for the ones that are googable :)


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Scorpion

So something really weird happened at the school I work with today. While I was reading a book to the Kindergarteners randomly a little boy says "guess what?" I say "what?" he says "I have a scorpion in my backpack and it bit my hand" me freaking out and trying not to show it say "what!?" another little boy: "its not real, it’s a toy." and me feeling very relieved that I didn’t have to call 911 or poison control sigh with relief and go back to reading my story. I had no idea a group of kindergarteners could have me so exhausted after only 2 hours. Other than that nothing really eventful happened today, however I'm starting to feel a little weighed down by stress hopefully I will soon return to my happy, cheerful and sometimes funny self. So now I will be going I have to send out the mail at work and answer the non-ringing phone.


Messy rooms

Yesterday I was looking at my room wondering how in the world did my room get so messy!? I mean its not like Im ever there other than when I go to sleep. The only thing I can guess is that for some reason I have this weird gene for making messes, because I am so much more organized with the rest of my life. It seems as though that can be the only reason that makes me look good anyways. So this thought brought me to another; I dont think I have ever seen anyones room as messy as mine not even a guys room. Then I got to thinking I wonder if there is a room messier than mine well thats why I'm going to ask the few or any person really who reads this to send a picture or describe the messiest room you have ever seen because that would make me feel a heck of alot better. Thanks

posted earlier just kind of unoticed

I am going to school to be an elementary school teacher and I am taking an intro to education class and it is a requirement that I spend 30 hours in a classroom and after much time and communication between this girl at service learning I finally have a class that I can work with. I will be working with a class of kindergardeners and today is my first day! I wasnt sure about what I should wear so I asked my mom and she said I could not wear jeans so now I have some nice dress pants on and a really cute top! Wish me luck with the kindergardeners because it's been a long time since I've been around anyone under 9 for a long period of time. I will update you about the craziness or mellowness depending on how things go.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ok to start off...work!

I work as a work study student at a school lets call it the community college, and well I answer phones all day long so I will share one really good story that always makes me smile.
me: "community college enrollment services how may I direct your call?"
old lady on phone: "Hi I was wondering if you could direct me to the person handing out those Kazoos at the airport?"
me: "Kazoos? like the musical instrument?"
old lady on phone: "yeah and I just wanted to find those things because we had a right good time with them"
then I asked which airport, and she told me and as I was listening she reminded me strongly of a drunk lady, not sure if she was but she was deffinitely not normal.
me: sitting at my desk trying not to laugh "ok let me direct you to student life"
I have told that story to anyone when they have a bad day and it always works

but anyways... Im at work and there is a new guy that just started working here I thought he was cute but hes up front while Im here in the back and we dont exactly get to talk. So when I went up there to get some paperwork I realize a girl is flirting with him and he isn't even doing his job (granted there isnt much to do but still...) Oh well I guess I'll just have to wait but right now I dont think I want to be interested in anyone... however I am deffinitely open to new possibilities.
            Oh and because it was raining a lot today people keep calling me asking me if classes are canceled as if I know what their teachers are planning. Because seriously its all up to the teachers college is not like elementary school! Although you wouldnt know it with all of the parents I get calling asking for their "childs" grades! You would think that parents would have let their "children" grow up by now since most students that go to college are adults. For some reason parents think that they have access to their kid reccords for all time and eternity. Sorry mom but no now you can not just get a report card in the mail you have to sign a little paper that says I give you permission.

ok wow I did not know I could go on and on and on for so long hahaha so ttfn


          I have been wanting to start a blog for a while, but I thought it would be oddly not humble and very "MOMMYYY I WANT ATTENTION NOW!!!" but I'm not saying thats how it is at all..... Well maybe a little bit...jk
          I basically just feel like writing about whats bothering me and whats going on in my head. Hopefully I don't post anything embarrasing, after all I am posting this on the World Wide Web so you never know what kind of creepy person is reading this (and that means you creepy guy in your room looking at the victorias secret catalog, for your ahhhemm girlfriend! dont worry I wont tell her your dirty secret)
           Who knows maybe I will bring a smile to one person and it will have made this blog be worth more than what it is now, so if your reading this you better smile :)